AJA’s Home Brewer

At Adrian James Acoustics we can boast our very own home-brewer – Senior Acoustics Consultant Andrew Oldridge. Not only is Andy an outstanding acoustician, he is also devoted to brewing up the perfect ale.

Andy Oldridge (centre) pictured at an Association of Noise Consultants awards ceremony with Dr Helen Czerski and Shane Cryer


His hops-based hobby took off three years ago, and Andy has already started winning acclaim for his creations, including a recent award at the Brew Con World Series II competition.  One of over 400 entries, his beer Eureka IPA was the highest placed American IPA of its type.  Andy has created nearly 60 original beers, ranging from pale and brown ales to bitters and IPAs. 

No doubt he will go on to further success, although Andy’s main drive is of course the taste.