Mapping Out Our Future

Adrian James Acoustics has significantly expanded over the last few years, and IT investment remains a vital part of that expansion.

In managing our projects, we have been using an in-house spreadsheet system for timesheets and project tracking, but this had no way of managing resourcing or future planning. It also required frequent manual intervention to keep it running. With over 250 live projects we needed a system which could make managing projects easier.

While researching the possibility of developing an in-house system, we found CMAP and decided that it was the way to go. CMAP has clearly been built with an understanding of the challenges faced with running consultancy projects, unlike many time management packages. We also like that it can be tailored to the way we work. With several of our clients using CMAP and recommending it highly, so we have high hopes that it will really help us map out our future.