Theatre consultancy

The work of theatre consultants is wide ranging and adapted to suit each individual client’s needs.  The primary functions are:

  1. Helping theatre clients to analyse their needs (or providing a management scheme for a theatre where no staff are yet employed)
  2. Helping the client and architect to create a full and satisfactory architectural brief for a new building or for the conversion of an existing one
  3. Designing specific theatrical areas (auditoria, stages, workshops etc)
  4. Preparing designs and specifications for specialist theatrical equipment including flying, stage machinery, stage lighting, stage sound and communications
  5. Advising other building consultants on structural loads, electrical and environmental loads involved in theatres
  6. Lastly to help the theatre staff to understand the very different time scales and relative inflexibility of the builder to those of the theatre and helping the builder to understand the needs of the theatre practitioner in these complex workplaces

When required some theatre consultants also undertake the design and implementation of managements for theatres.  Theatre consultants are a recognised and important part of the theatre design team.  Their involvement at the very earliest moments in the design of a theatre is most beneficial to a clear, economic and apposite solution to the problem posed by the theatre design.

Our theatre consultants have a wide range of experience in performing arts venues and practical experience of working in theatres.  We can provide a full range of theatre consultancy services throughout the entire project, from the initial brief development stages through tender and construction to completion and use.

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