We are not recruiting at the moment but we are always interested in hearing from people with experience of consultancy in acoustics and related fields including architecture, building engineering, or theatre technical systems. We do not only employ people with degrees in acoustics - our current staff include graduates in physics, music, engineering, and software design - but you will need to demonstrate some knowledge of, and interest in, acoustics. Enthusiasm, intelligence and a willingness to study are essential, as are the ability to produce well-presented documents in good English.

If you meet these requirements, by all means email a CV and covering letter to If we are not recruiting we will keep good-quality applications on file in case a vacancy does occur.

It is surprisingly necessary to point out that applications addressed to the wrong company, headed "Dear Sir or Madam" (we expect you to have done a little research before writing to us) or with our company name spelled incorrectly, probably will not come under the category of "Good quality applications".