Pete Erskine


Pete studied Audio and Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University, graduating with an upper second-class BSc (Hons).  The course covered different aspects of audio and music production, including live and studio recording techniques, audio electronics, music synthesis, acoustics and psychoacoustics.

During his time at Anglia Ruskin, Pete also worked as a freelance sound engineer and technician.  On graduating he decided to pursue this full time, working in many different styles of events and recording a variety of musical genres. His experience in theatre ranges from operating audio for small performances of two actors through to pop music cover groups and amateur dramatics groups with 40 actors and an abundance of microphone swaps. From there he branched out into music events and into a corporate environment, operating AV systems for conferences and product launches. During this time, he saw many different venues and event styles, working with a variety of clients.

Pete joined AJA in June 2018 and rapidly became acquainted with the design and testing of sound insulation in residences and in schools, as well as the acoustic design of primary and secondary school extensions and health centres.  More exciting projects included a new music department for Mill Hill School and the refurbishment of the University of East Anglia’s Council Chamber.

Pete is also one of our in-house experts on environmental noise modelling using CadnaA, applying this to medium- and large-scale residential and commercial projects.  This and his expertise in live sound has made him the obvious candidate to develop noise models and noise management strategies for music festivals in Kings Lynn and Lowestoft.  Other recent and current projects include the acoustic modelling of open-plan offices and the design of Social Care, Therapy, Education and Residential facilities for the Leyton Green Project Partnership in North-East London.

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